Want to cup new crop coffees straight from the source? Here’s a chance to visit some of the preeminent washing stations in Rwanda and Burundi, learn about wet processing and natural/honey processing and witness the Rwacof dry mill and the final stages of the export process.

What You’ll Be Doing 

We’ll take care of local transportation within the country. Arrive Monday night, May 13 and end your trip in the late afternoon on Saturday May 18. Here’s a preliminary itinerary:


  • Arrival Day
  • Guests stay overnight in Kigali, Rwanda


  • Take a bus ride to Burundi
  • Visit the Greenco offices
  • Experience a cupping in the afternoon
  • Spend your evening in Burundi


  • Visit washing stations such as Kibingo, Gahahe and Gakenke and learn about wet + natural processing
  • Spend your evening in Burundi


  • Cupping in the morning
  • Take a bus ride to Rwanda
  • View coffee cherry deliveries and wet processing at washing stations
  • Spend your evening in Rwanda


  • Visit washing stations such as Dkunde Kawa and Karambi by car and by boat
  • Spend your evening in Kibuye, Rwanda


  • Take a morning bus ride to Kigali
  • Experience an afternoon cupping
  • Visit a dry mill
  • Departures

The Fine Print

You are responsible for your own flights, visas, hotels, meals and drinks. If needed for visa, 32cup will provide a letter of invitation. It is necessary to provide a copy of your passport in order to obtain a letter of invitation.

It is advisable that you check with your doctor to see if you require any immunizations or malaria prophylaxis. You are responsible for obtaining travel insurance (including evacuation) that is valid in Rwanda and Burundi.

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