As coronavirus-related quarantines continue to affect the global economy, it seems like a no-brainer to focus on maximizing every earner’s economic potential. 

One way to maximize economic production is by reducing gender disparities. 2020 study from the World Economic Forum found a significant correlation between a country’s gender gap and its economic performance. Greater gender equity means greater economic success. 

To this end, Sucafina Kenya (Kenyacof/Kahawa Bora) has been collaborating with ITC SheTrades to build capacity amongst female coffee growers through advanced training in finance and market access.  

In 2019, Sucafina Kenya staff organized two, 2-day training conferences that involved 100 female coffee producers. Seminars included training on sustainable coffee production, methods to improve coffee quality and coffee marketing strategiesAttendees also visited a dry mill where they participated in cupping and learned about quality assurance at the export level.  

We are proud to announce that, in light of Sucafina Kenya’s excellent work training female producers and connecting them with new business opportunities, ITC SheTrades will be funding a second year of conferences with Sucafina Kenya. Additionally, ITC SheTrades is providing funding to advance education about gender inequality for Sucafina Kenya staff.  

At a time of uncertain economic futures, the hard work of Sucafina Kenya staff and the support of ITC SheTrades is essential for improving and expanding opportunities for female producers. Bcontinuing to support females entrepreneurs, we are simultaneously enhancing opportunities for female growers and their families and increasing national economic output by nurturing the work of a historically under-represented workforce. While our 2020 conferences are currently suspended to protect our staff and participants’ health, we look forward to continuing our work as soon as possible.

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