Our microlots from the 2016 harvest arrived in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago. On this interactive map, you can find the location for those washing stations.

More info on the lots can be found on the profile section of our web page : Our Coffees.

Known and new

Some of the names of these washing stations may ring a bell. Coffees from Muyongwe washing station, Vunga washing station and Ngoma washing station have returned to our stock! New washing stations this year are Musasa, Buremera, Nkurubuye, Murera and Buf Coffee’s Remera washing station. One washing station, Matyazo, was part of the first container we ever brought to Antwerp in the very beginning of 32cup in 2012! Back in the day, coffee from Vunga also made part of that shipment. Needless to say, these washing stations have emotional value to us.

The coffee from Remera washing station is also a special one. It was selected in an auction programme by Rwashoscco in absence of Cup of Excellence in Rwanda this year. The coffee received a score of 88.00 points by the international jury. It was auctioned online afterwards. We had the chance to taste all coffees from the selection, and the Remera lot really stood out for us with it’s delicate and sparkling fruity floral profile. It nicely complemented the range of profiles we already had with the other coffees. Spicy, savoury, tealike, floral, fruity; coffees suited for espresso or filter roasts – we have them all! Send us a mail at coffee@32cup.com if you would like to get samples.

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