Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Roasting?


We never *quite* realised how much coffee we drink until we had to start making it ourselves at home. Are you still roasting? Have an online shop and need a boost? We are relying on you, as are so many!


The below sites are keeping lists of roasters that simply WON’T STOP. Get in touch with them to add your online shop to their list!


I’m Not a Barista has a global list going of roasters who are still going. The site is dedicated to helping baristas so head on over to become a partner and get your name on the list. – This site is keeping the fire burning for roasters in the Netherlands and Belgium. Get in touch with Sam, and he’ll add you to the list.

Shipsbean by Cropster has a getcoffee directory for roasters selling online during the quarantines.

Sprudge is also keeping track of who’s still putting coffee in the hopper around the world. You can add your name to their roster here. That map keeps growing….. get yourself on there!

Business Resources for Those Affected by Covid

This is not easy. We’re here to help in every way we can. We’ve assembled some resources for both employers and employees that we hope can help.

Belgium: Have a look at the current support measures and news related to Covid-19. If you are in Flanders, you can also have a look here. If you’re experiencing unemployment, residents of or employees in Belgium, might be eligible for the new water and energy bill allowance.

Denmark: You can find a list of Covid-related laws that have been passed or considered by parliament here. There are several laws to support businesses. 

Germany: Here’s an overview on obtaining short term work allowance  for employees.

Ireland: The government has altered sick leave benefit laws to make it easier to get immediate support if you’re on sick leave due to Covid-19. You can also check their Twitter page for the latest on economic supports in Ireland.

Netherlands: Government initiatives can be found here.

United Kingdom: Check out this handy fact sheet about what and how you can apply for a variety of economic supports as an individual or a small business. If you’re a small business owner, you may be able to apply for a claim to cover for your employees’ wages while they are furloughed due to Covid.

Also, our friends at Assembly Coffee have put together these Covid FAQs for Cafes and Restaurants.

Don’t see your country or situation? The International Monetary Fund is keeping a comprehensive policy tracker that lists economic responses by country.

New laws are being introduced and passed every day. We’ll do our best to keep abreast of what’s happening and convey additional opportunities to you.

Have tips that could help your fellow coffee people? We’d love to hear them