Red Fox

Sourcing from Peru with Red Fox Coffee Merchants


While Peru may not be an entirely new origin to 32cup, micro-lots from this origin definitely are a new territory. This is why in 2017 we teamed up with our friends at Red Fox to make sure you get some of the nicest and most sustainably sourced coffees from this country. The key person in their local sourcing operation is Tibed Yujra, agronomist and coffee producer. With his background, he is the perfect person to assist the producers and cooperatives at farm level and at cooperative level. At this time, we chose to work with Red Fox to bring you micro-lots from Peru for a couple of reasons including the support they provide to the producer groups, and equally important, the guarantee that they pay 20% higher than other sourcing companies.


Our Coffees Sourced in Partnership with Red Fox


Esgar Delgado Torres – Coopvama El Huaco

Jaime Ordoñez Pérez – Rutas del Inca

Orlando Coronel Cervera “Martires” – COOPAGRO

Demetrio Benavidez Gonzales – COOPBAM – Peru

Marilu Lopez Padilla – COOPBAM Peru

Santos Guerrero Peñafiel “Palto de Chingama” – Peru

Tambillo 1 – Rutas del Inca – Santo Tomas

Tambillo 2 – Rutas del Inca – Santo Tomas

Rutas del Inca “El Arenal” – Peru