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Later this month on March 16-17 we are hosting the Q Processing course level 1 in the 32cup office in Antwerp. The Q Processing Course is a fairly new program designed by the Coffee Quality Institute, who also developed the Q grader program. The level 1 is a 2-day course for any coffee professional looking to improve their scientific understanding of coffee processing methods and their impact on coffee quality. At the end of the course, a written exam tests your understanding. After passing, you receive a certificate. This introductory course is also needed to take the level 2 and 3 advanced courses.

The Q processing course includes different modules:

1. Role of processing within the coffee value chain: from producers to consumers. History of coffee processing.

2. The anatomy of the coffee fruit. An anatomy-based classification of coffee-processing methods. Impact of processing method on coffee chemistry.

3. Impact of processing method on cup character. Myth-busting sessionComparative cupping of main methods.

4. Fermentation: What it is and what it is not, Fermentation in washed coffees and in natural coffees, fermentation vs. demucilation. Myth-busting session. Comparative cupping of fermentation protocols.

5. Drying: The overlooked operation. Water in a seed and how it is removed. Sun-drying vs. machine-drying.

6. Issues and Challenges: Global warming, water pollution, social and sustainability issues. Education at the origin and the future of processing.



Want to join?  Send us a message or mail sofie@32cup.com.

For all details, have a look at the course page or  CQI’s web for the full background on the course.

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