• Gichangi estate, part of the Slopes of 8 group

We still have a couple of spaces left on our last origin trip of the year! We will visit Kenya and our coffee projects from November 27th to December 1st. Join us and get to know the Slopes of 8 producer group, learn more about the way coffee production and export works here, and cup a lot of coffees! Mail coffee@32cup.com to find out more.

Understanding the Kenyan coffee system

Kenya has always been high on our list of favourite origins to cup. It has also been one of the most frustrating origins to create and maintain relationships with growers in. Most of the coffee is sold through the Nairobi Coffee Auction, from cooperatives serving up to 5000 members each. The country has more than 150 000 smallholder farmers, but only produces around 600 000 bags of exportable coffee. This means that each farmer is in most cases too small to pick, process and deliver coffee under its own license. Therefore, most of the coffee processing is organised through a cooperative factory, where smallholder farmers deliver their cherry for processing and selling.

Building relationships – “direct sales”

Of course there is another way of accessing coffee, and to develop relationships with producers as well. Through the trading opportunity often referred to as “the second window” or “direct sales”, we have connected with producers and accessed coffee from individual growers. From the Slopes of 8 and Gichugu Group to the Kambiri estate, we have established relationships in the last year or two that we truly believe is the way forward in Kenya. Our goal is to connect as many roasters as possible with growers directly. We believe it is important that roasters travel to origin more often. This way, more people understand how actually coffee works, and how irrealistic the “direct trade” concept really is.

We have spent a lot of time visiting and cupping in Kenya over the last couple of years. Now, we are confident we are on the right track, with better coffees on our offer list every year. Join us on our trip to Kenya! Don’t miss this chance to learn more about how we work in Kenya.


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