April is fresh arrival month! Kicking off the string of arrivals are the following coffees from Indonesia, Guatemala and Mexico.

Following these, in two weeks, the first container of microlots from Ethiopia is scheduled for arrival

Into Indonesia – Kerinci microlots

Our long-awaited selection of microlots with 4 different processing methods is available now from our warehouse!

These coffees were produced by members of the Koerintji Barokah Bersama cooperative in the Kerinci regency, Jambi province of Sumatra. In total, the cooperative has 250 smallholder members. Common varieties are Sigarar Utang and Andung Sari.

At the cooperative’s mill, they took the traditional wet-hulled process to a new level with the wet-hulled honey process. In addition to that, they also produce washed, honey processed and wet-hulled coffees.

Follow the links for more details about the coffees. 


These are the cup notes we picked up in the arrival cupping :

Kerinci Gunung Tujuh Fully Washed (CPGP-3533-1)
Lychee, Dried Apricot, Dried Cranberry, Chocolate 86

Kerinci Gunung Tujuh wet-hulled (CPGP-3533-3)
Apple, Berries, Chocolate, Cumin 84.5

Kerinci Gunung Tujuh Wet-hulled Honey (CPGP-3533-4)
Apricot, Kiwi, Mandarine, Mango, Chocolate, Spice 87

Kerinci Gunung Tujuh Honey (CPGP-3533-2)
Apple, Banana bread, White chocolate 86 


Curious to try these? Send us your sample requests!

Looking for organic coffee? 

New arrivals from Mexico and Guatemala

Returning with fresh coffees are the Sierra Azul cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico and the COMAL cooperative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. These cooperatives are champions in consistency, with year after year the same cup results we hope to see for these coffees.

Mexico Sierra Azul – Chiapas Altura EP FT & Organic cert. (CPMX-3579)
Hint of berries, Milk Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnut | Score 84.5

Guatemala COMAL – Huehuetenango Washed SHB EP FT & Organic cert. (CPGT-3555)
Red grape, orange, chocolate, hazelnut | Score 85

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