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During the summer months, we have been very busy selecting tons of new coffees for you. To spice things up, we added a couple of less obvious origins to our line-up for the Autumn and Winter months. In this line of thought, we are happy to showcase a fairly new origin (at least to us): Myanmar.

A neighbour to Laos, Thailand and Yunnan in China, Myanmar produces coffees with typical Asian cup notes. They can be a little bit heavier on the herbal and spice notes, while at the same time surprise you with juicy fruit notes. Slightly longer roasts help tone down the herbal notes you are maybe less accustomed to, and bring out more of the coffee’s fruit and chocolate character.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has quite a diverse makeup of producer styles. Old estates from the colonial period mingle with newer specialty-focused estates in the Mandalay region, while the Shan region’s producer profile is a smallholder farming operation on a village level.

Our selection aims to offer a little bit of all styles:
– a honey processed microlot from the Pin Laung Shan community project in Ywangan (sold out)
– a natural SL34 microlot from the Moe Htet estate in Pyin Oo Lwin;
– a washed SL34 microlot from the Ngu Shwe Li estate in the same region;
– the sum of all parts – a Northern Region washed selection spanning the Pyin Oo Lwin and Ywangan regions.

Curious to know more? Head to the coffee profile pages for each coffee or send your sample requests to samples@32cup.com.

Ywangan smallholder - Myanmar

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