This year, 2018, we sourced nano-lots and micro-lots from the Nariño region. The high quality is indicative of our ongoing efforts since 2016 to find the most impressive coffees in the region and to reward those producers for their hard work. With hard to access small farms on high altitudes around 2000 meters above sea level, Nariño’s hills keep their treasures well-hidden.

For all coffees purchased in the Nariño 2018 selection, we have full traceability to each producer on all lots. Importantly, the lowest price we paid at any point was 1 million COP/carga (= 125kg parchment coffee, the pricing standard in Colombia), with several lots paid significantly higher. The internal base price over the last year has been in the 750,000 peso range, a price that many agree is at or below the cost of production for most small farmers in Colombia.

  •  One larger lot from the ABADES federation. This lot collects several small lots of less than 1 bag and up to 4 bags of 70kg from members’ farms around the town of Samaniego.