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After four years of buying their extraordinary coffee, we finally had the chance to visit the Matyazo cooperative! It is a real privilege of the job to meet the people behind the beans and to be able to tell them how fantastic their coffee really is. For coffee producers, it is often a good motivation in times where international prices are low. Getting direct feedback and hearing about the journey their coffee takes, and to receive praise for their work is just a little push to keep on believing in the possibilities of coffee production.

Matyazo cooperative

The Matyazo cooperative is located in the Matyazo sector of Ngororero, Southern Province. The cooperative was created in 2009 by a local group of producers. Technoserve assisted them with the setup and technical training. Before creating the cooperative, the producers had a lot more trouble to process and sell their coffee. The only option was to sell to agents, who often didn’t respect the national price for cherry. They didn’t have any quality requirements and tended to buy anything they could find. This way, the revenue from coffee for the producers was very low.

The local producers realised that by organising into a cooperative, they could stand stronger together. Nowadays, Matyazo has 250 producer members. Technoserve provided the link to the bank to get loans to buy the pulping machine, buy a plot of land to build the washing stations and to buy the material for the washing station infrastructure. To join the cooperative, members all pay 5000 Rwandan Francs once. This money serves to build the washing station in the initial phase and for maintenance of the infrastructure afterwards.

One of the reasons why we love this coffee so much is that producers here don’t even need fancy processing tricks and tools to make coffees with such rich flavour profiles. It is pure terroir in your cup. With this basic setup, Matyazo manages to produce crisp, floral and richly sweet coffees year after year. Their biggest international recognition up to now was in 2010, when Matyazo coffee ranked in Cup of Excellence. 

Read more about the coffee on the Matyazo coffee profile page.

pre-drying tables at Matyazo cooperative

pre-drying tables to sort wet parchment at Matyazo cooperative

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