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Land of Diversity competition

In 2016, the FNC organised Colombia’s first Land of Diversity competition during the annual Expoespeciales. The national competition is an effort to unify the numerous regional quality competitions in Colombia. Following the two harvest cycles in the country, there will be two competitions per year: one for coffees harvested during the first semester coffees right after summer, and another competiton for second semester coffees.

The competition is open to all Colombian coffee producers who own their own farm. A national jury first tests and selects all submitted coffees based on physical and cup quality. After the first selection round, an international jury further narrows down the selection to find Colombia’s best and most unique coffees.

The Land of Diversity competition has two tiers and six categories. There’s a microlot selection and a large lot selection, which are judged on 5 different aspects. The microlot selection judges volumes between 500 and 2000kg. The large lot league takes up lots between 25000 and 27500kg. Each lot is scored on acidity, mildness, body, balance and exoticness. Each category has its own winner. The five best scoring coffees in each category are presented and sold during a live auction for national and international buyers.

2016 competition

Jean participated in the international cupping panel first Land of Diversity competition in October. It was a great experience, and many impressive lots passed on the table. We selected three lots in total from this competition. By coincidence, they are all produced in the Nariño department. The first two are nanolots, the third was selected from the large lot competition:

The nanolots are available in vac packs, the large lot from El Pará is available in grainpro bags. The nanolots from Finca El Arroyo and Santa Rosa were selected with the 2017 coffee competitions season in mind. The coffees have unique, intense and complex profiles. They have layered fruit profiles, ranging from Kenya-like mixed berries to tropical fruits with mango and lychee

The next Land of Diversity competition will take place in early April. We’ll continue supporting this program, which gives small isolated producers the chance to connect with the international coffee world.

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