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It is the season for a lot of fresh arrivals from all over the world! Now our entire selection of coffees from Guatemala has become available from our warehouse in Antwerp.

Estate coffees

The San Florencio that many of you loved so much last year returns this year as well. We see a lot of love for this coffee from Quetzaltenango – it is nearly sold out! We also brought in coffee from Finca La Esmeralda again.

These two coffees complete our full lineup from Guatemala. In a previous shipment, we already welcomed coffees from the Las Crucitas and El Potrerito estates.

Regional selections

Next to those four estate coffees in our Guatemalan offer, we also have three regional blends with different profiles and selection procedures:

  • Huehuetenango SHB regional: selected on region and cup profile
  • Sierra Morena SHB regional: micro-regional selection from Huehuetenango, selected on cup profile and origin
  • Valle de Volcanes SHB: micro-regional selection from San Martín Jilotepeque, Quetzaltenango, selected on cup profile and processed at the Santa Bárbara mill in Acatenango.

Ask us for samples or our cupping notes! You can find more info about these coffees on our coffee profile page here.

Finca Las crucitas



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