FUDAM Producer Association

FUDAM (Fundacion Agraria y Ambiental) is a producer association based in and around the province of La Unión in Northern Nariño. The group was founded in 1999, formally legalized in 2000. Raquel and Jeremias Lasso, a sister and brother team, run the organization. The Lasso family is from Buenos Aires de Cartago which borders the city of La Unión.

In 2000, the group’s membership was comprised of 44 members from both Cartago and La Unión. More recently, in 2017, the group has 130 members. Over the past 17 years, FUDAM has also grown into the surrounding reaches of San Lorenzo, Taminango, Arboleda, Belén and Genova. Now they have expanded into the deeper reaches of Tablón de Gomez, increasing their membership and parchment volume.

FUDAM brings changes to the region

Traditionally coffees from these further reaches of Northern Nariño were collected by coyotes (intermediary buyers) and taken to Buesaco, which is the main hub for parchment trading in Northern Nariño. With cash in hand, these intermediaries were/are often able to purchase parchment coffees from these producers at levels much lower than what they should get for the quality. Red Fox and FUDAM create the necessary incentive for these producers to step away from these coyotes. The prices paid for these coffees of the Nariño selection range from 1.350.000 Colombian Pesos/Carga to 1.600.000 Colombia Pesos/Carga. To compare: standard market price in La Unión and Buesaco ranged from 750.000 to 870.000 CP/Carga in 2017.