El Palto

With the worldwide challenge of a dramatically low coffee market price, we joined forces with El Palto JUMARP to seek alternative pricing structures outside of the regular grade 1 FTO full containers we purchase from them.

The ongoing efforts of the cooperative and its members to improve the quality of their coffees already showed results in 2018/2019. A couple of smaller lots set themselves apart from the bulk quality produced by the group. These lots had more complexity and refined flavors, cupping in the range from 85 to 87.

For micro-lots, it is much easier to agree on a fixed price with the producer for his or her coffee and give premiums in line with the quality, while still being able to find a roaster who agrees with that price. This micro-lot selection of 7 coffees celebrates the efforts from the entire group to face the challenges of current-day coffee production. Since coffee production at smallholder farms really relies on all members of the family contributing, these micro-lots are named after the entire family, not only the person under whose name the land is registered. The whole selection is certified organic.

The six micro-lots are from the following families: