At 32cup, we work hard to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. We are aware that we cannot change the face of coffee trading on our own, but endeavor to implement a greener structure. Our company headquarters, for example, are located in the center of the city, making sure our employees can come to work by bicycle or public transportation.

We work almost exclusively on the digital platform, making paper filing obsolete. Recycling waste is a given, but we took it one step further. For most of our electronics (computers, monitors, printers, etc.) we trust in the method of Pro Used Computers, meaning we are reusing second-hand (but very stable!) systems. Our furniture looks brand new, but was used before as well.

At the moment, we are looking for a more sustainable way to transport our coffee samples. 32cup is continuously looking for eco-conscious solutions in our day-to-day business, so please don’t hesitate to make suggestions on how to improve our ways even more!

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