It’s Cup of Excellence time again! Last week we took the 2013 Cup of Excellence selection for Burundi and Rwanda to Viva Sara Kaffee in Kortrijk and to Espressofabriek in Amsterdam. With fifteen lots per country, we cupped thirty coffees in two rounds. It were quite intensive hours for our taste buds.

At the cupping in Kortrijk we also welcomed a new member to our team. On her first day of work at 32cup, Veronique was thrown headfirst into the coffee business, as the Cup of Excellence cupping in Kortrijk was her first ever. As a novice in coffee, the experience was quite overwhelming. She was impressed by the way coffee is tasted, since not only taste is important, and by the complexity of the cupping act. A vast range of flavors was discovered in something she had always associated with one typical flavor. Bottom line: it was a fascinating and educational introduction into the world of coffee.

The coffee also brought us to some interesting conclusions. We were surprised by the difference in cups the water in Kortrijk produced, in comparison with the water in Amsterdam. The general impression of the Burundi lots was that the coffee had less typical greenish flavors, with more roundness and pronounced nutty flavors in quite a few cups. The Rwandese coffees had even more nutty cups, with an equal amount of greenish cups. Unfortunately, these countries are infamous for the possibility of potato cups. The Cup of Excellence cupping proved this is still reality, as both rounds had a potato cup, which is quite a striking illustration of how big and unpredictable the problem really is. On the other hand, the Rwandese coffees that were considered the best by our critical panel of people from the coffee field, had fruity tones with balanced acidity and sweetness. For Burundi, the best lots were marked by creaminess, long, pleasant aftertastes and full, sweet cups with elegant body.

The 8th of October was bidding time for the Rwandese Cup of Excellence, but we didn’t participate in the auction. We’re saving up our energy for the Burundi auction on the 15th of October. We’ll keep you posted with results!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the cuppings and who shared their Cup of Excellence opinions with us. It’s always a pleasure to have a diverse cupping panel!


At Viva Sara Kaffee

Coe Bur&Rwa Viva Sara3  Coe Bur&Rwa Viva Sara8


At Espressofabriek

2013-10-03 14.41.21 2013-10-03 14.43.12


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