There’s already three Cup of Excellence cupping sessions behind us: the Nicaragua program, El Salvador and Honduras. This week we brought the national selection of Costa Rica to the table in Rotterdam at Giraffe Coffee Roasters.

Costa Rica’s top selection at unique location
A diverse bunch of coffee people was tempted by cupping 25 lots of Costa Rica’s top selection with us. We were extremely happy with the big and enthusiastic turn-up! Thanks to all ten cuppers for this great session in the unique location. Giraffe has its headquarters in an empty office building, where a lot of young entrepreneurs and businesses are grouped together, sharing office space. It was definitely the most unique office building we’ve ever seen!

Belgian versus dutch taste profiles
It’s always interesting to cup with our Northern neighbours, as they often look for taste profiles completely different from the Belgian taste. Our hypothesis that our neighbours have a sweet tooth, often having a preference for natural or intensely sweet coffees, was pretty much confirmed in the cupping comments. The whole table was fascinatingly diverse, with a mix of fully washed, honey processed and natural coffees, generating taste profiles we had never tasted in coffees before. We’re quite curious to see which premiums these coffees will fetch!

The coffee side of life
The set-up was originally convenient. Wooden miniature tables were put on the low dining table, so the cups were at a comfortable cupping height. The whole thing looked pretty neat. After the cupping we were treated to a fantastic lasagna lunch by an in-house caterer. The coffee side of life can be so tough.

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Sander Raven

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As a lifelong coffee aficionado especially keen on slow coffee, Sofie managed to obtain the second place in the Belgian Aeropress Championship 2013. After finishing her studies of Spanish and English translation, she moved up the coffee chain from the reception end in the coffee bar to working for 32cup. As sales assistant and e-account manager, she is responsible for cuppings, samples and for everything you read on this website.

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