At 32Cup, we are constantly seeking new ways to strengthen our relationships with our partners around the world.  Sometimes this means working with roasters on finding solutions to their challenges on this side of the supply chain. Other times it means diving deep into the work done in the coffee origins where we buy coffee.  It’s generally the groundwork in origin which gets us out of bed in the morning and excites us most. Since without strong origin partners, the industry we all love just wouldn’t exist.

Collaborating for a positive impact through CreateGoodCoffee

We are super excited to announce the launch of the 32cup CreateGoodCoffee initiative! This initiative focuses on collaborating with organizations that make a positive difference in the origin communities where we work.  These organizations may or may not be coffee related, but will definitely be changing lives and supporting a more sustainable and global attitude.

The goal of CreateGoodCoffee is to work together with organizations which are already promoting and investing in positive change. This change can come in many forms. Therefore, over the next several years we will expand this program to support and empower each origin in different ways.  We’re investing our time, resources and efforts into adding value all the way back to our coffee roots.  The projects can be social, economic, technical or other, depending on each community’s needs.

Ethiopia's Girls Gotta Run Foundation - The pilot project for the 32cup CreateGoodCoffee initiative

Ethiopia’s Girls Gotta Run Foundation – The pilot project for the 32cup CreateGoodCoffee initiative

# CreateGoodCoffee – first partnership: Girls Gotta Run Foundation in Ethiopia

Our very first partnership is with Ethiopia’s Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF). Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting the great work that GGRF is doing, and the different ways 32Cup will be supporting the efforts to empower and educate girls. We make our current contribution through the purchase and sale of our microlot selection from Ethiopia. The coffees we selected to celebrate the launch of the initiative are:

Be on the lookout for ways to join us in our pursuit towards sustainability and community empowerment. And if you have any suggestions, we’re all ears!

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