Nano Challa - washing and gradingThe Nano Challa cooperative was created in 2004 by a group of 5 coffee producers in the Gera district of Jimma. Nano Challa is one of three cooperatives whose micro-lots we sell. The Jimma region in southwestern Ethiopia is infamous for its low-quality production of the Djimma 5 grade. The grade is synonymous with poorly produced and processed natural coffee. A low quality that pairs with low selling prices for the coffee, both nationally and internationally. This all changed in 2010 when the cooperative purchased a wet mill with an eco-friendly pulping machine, which allowed them to produce washed coffees. Together with the Yukro and Duromina cooperativethese were the first three cooperatives to install a wet mill in the area. The premiums from these coffees were also partly reinvested in the washing station infrastructure. The cooperative has a reserve fund and also purchased a second depulping machine to service more producers in an efficient way.

One of the reasons why Nano Challa produces such delicious coffees is said to be the huge varietal diversity found in the coffee forests. After Ethiopia’s production took a hit due to coffee borer disease, research centers recommended a couple of resistant varieties. The community around Nano Challa preserved its traditional ways and relied on nature to combat itself.

“Nano Challa” literally means “the best place”, which goes to show that the producers know very well that their coffee can be tiny lumps of gold when handled with care!

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