As mentioned before, we have plenty of visitors at 32cup. Colleagues, clients, and friends come by to drop off samples, taste some of our coffees, or just to have a good time. And while they are here, why not enjoy a cup of our ‘32cup Master Blend’? This is a mix of some of our favorite samples of the moment and usually makes for an exquisite and pretty exclusive coffee. Just one of the perks of working in ‘the biz’.

Our last Master Blend being so popular, we had to make a new one today. So as true roasting scientists, Aurélie and I started working on our first blend together. This time, Jean insisted on adding 25% of Robusta to the mix as an experiment, as this is how Belgians traditionally enjoy their cup. The other 75% was comprised of two Brazils for the volume, and three of our favorite Panamas. All in a nice dark roast, for a change.

Enjoying the cup while writing this, we can say we did a good job. The Robusta adds a distinctive smell and taste along with a good ‘punch’, compared to our latest blend. We achieved a fine mouthfeel and great body, while our Panamas account for the nice acidity. But there’s always room for improvement, so we will continue experimenting in our coffee lab. With a roaster, grinder, plenty of samples, the knowhow and a huge eagerness to succeed, we believe we have what it takes. But we will leave it to our visitors to decide. We always make plenty, so feel free to swing by!

Sofie Nys Sofie Nys

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