It’s Christmastime again, which means people all over the world will come together and plunge in a traditional celebration of love and peace. And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the people you love, an exquisite meal and… coffee!

In many countries and cultures, coffee and Christmas are inseparable. Especially in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, the Holiday season would not be complete without coffee, either as a gift, or as a part of the Christmas dinner.  This tradition dates back to at least the 19th Century, when coffee was still a luxury item. The precious ‘black gold’ was an excellent gift, which was exchanged in the richer families of Europe and Russia. To bring coffee as a gift was considered a thoughtful – and especially tasteful – gesture.In the Victorian era, coffee was renowned for being the Christmas beverage par excellence. Furthermore, families were known to come together especially to roast coffee!

In Western Europe, this tradition may have declined a little, but it is still kept alive in Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe. In Greenland, people arrange spontaneous coffee gatherings, called Kaffemikker, as an alternative Christmas dinner. And although we are all dreaming of a White Christmas, the coffee tradition in the Holiday season is not necessarily linked to cold weather and snow. Even in countries like Spain, El Salvador or Costa Rica, coffee is an important part of the Christmas celebration.

So, when you are hugging your cup of coffee after a Christmas dinner with friends and family, realize that you are in fact following a century-long tradition. That is why many roasters – big and small – dig in their winter provisions to come up with a special Christmas blend for their customers. This may be your normal, run-of-the-mill coffee, but we reckon you wouldn’t complain if your host would provide a specialty gourmet coffee surprise for the occasion! And whether the coffee ends up on the table or under the tree, it’s always a good idea!

A Merry Christmas from all of us at 32cup!

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