Small adjustments made early can avoid the need for giant corrections in the future. This is true in every part of the coffee journey, from the farms to your roasting operation and yes, even in our logistics department!

Better logistics service

Beginning in May, some small adjustments to the ordering process for deliveries in the BeNeLux region will become effective. The past couple of months, we noticed an increasing amount of issues in deliveries. To resolve and prevent these, we have worked together with our transport companies to arrive at the best solution to provide you with a better logistics service. The new measure will ensure more accuracy in deliveries and fewer errors!

The solution?

For deliveries in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, we will limit loadings from our transport companies to only Tuesday and Thursday each week. We want to point out that this measure in no way limits the possibilities for your deliveries. The only thing that will change is that in some cases we will need to receive your orders a day or two more in advance.

This breakdown will show more clearly what this looks like for your delivery requirements:

For deliveries on Wednesday/Thursday -> Loading Tuesday  -> send your order by Monday 11 am latest
For deliveries on Friday/Monday/Tuesday -> Loading Thursday  -> send your order by Wednesday 11 am latest

This means that if you need deliveries on Thursday we will need your order by 11h on Monday for our warehouse to prepare everything in time. Likewise, for deliveries Monday or Tuesday we will need your orders by 11h the prior Wednesday.

We expect that there will be some growing pains as there normally is with any change. If you ever have a doubt about your delivery schedule or just plain forget to place an order and you need a last-minute delivery, please contact our logistics department at or +32 03 369 32 32. We will be more than happy to help!


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