We were testing some new software in order to adapt photos Jean took on one of his coffee trips.  So this nice picture came up and we wanted to use it as an illustration of coffee roasting. It looked quite nice and industrial, doesn’t it? However, reality struck hard when Jean explained where this pictures was taken. It turned out that this was actually not a roaster, but a Brazilian coffee cherry dryer. Or should we call it a coffee over-dryer…

These coffees are used for the internal consumption in Brazil and are better known as Bica. The smell was something like roasting overripe cherries (not the beans). The drying process was fast and hot, yielding something like a semi-roasted product. The cherries used were all the fallen down left-overs!

The price of this coffee derivative was,… well, you can imagine. The taste, you can’t even begin to imagine. On the bright side, this too is coffee. It is also consumed, probably even enjoyed, by millions of people, thus making the international prices of coffee still acceptable! But we’ll pass for a cup of this one, thank you very much.

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