Is it EVER too early for Christmas?

We don’t think so. At least when it comes to finding the best coffee for your Christmas coffee program. (We wouldn’t mind waiting a few more weeks before we hear Christmas carols blasting everywhere we go.)

It’s already November. New Years is just 9 (!) weeks away (in case you haven’t ordered your 2020 tiara yet, it is time to get moving, folks!).

We can’t help out with a present for your brother-in-law’s 10 year-old niece, but with your special holiday coffee…? We’ve got you covered!

Here are our top picks to see you through the holiday season.


Ethiopia Musa Aba Lulesa Bashasha Single Farm Specialty Washed Limu

CPGP-3603-1: Bergamot, black tea, floral, lemon, lychee, mint, orange, peach, pineapple
Score: 87.5
Why we love it: “Just wow” were our key takeaway notes on this coffee. Coming from the Agaro region, where many cooperatives have gained fame over the past few years, we’re excited to bring you this single farm lot from Musa Aba Lulesa. These beans were hand-picked and carefully processed and Musa was fairly paid for his hard work (you can find more details about pricing on the coffee’s profile page). 

Indonesia Lintong Sigumpar Sumatra – Wet Hulled Grade 1

CPGP-3716-4: Blackberry, big and bold, jammy, chocolate
Score: 86
Why we love it: We believe making long-lasting connections with our producers is the lifeblood of a good importing business. We’re especially excited about this Indonesian coffee from Sumatra because Bavo, 32cup Sales Representative and our in-house Indonesian sourcing expert, who you may remember from the Indonesia Q&A we did with him in September actually visited Bidner Hutasoit at his farm and processing operation while traveling through Indonesia last winter. 

Kenya Kabimutho AA Kirinyaga County

CPKE-3708: Milk chocolate, apple, blackberry, buttery, green tea, lemon, lime, rose hip tea
Score: 87
Why we love it: Kenya has long been renowned for its production of spectacular, complex and fruity coffees. This coffee from Kirinyaga county is no exception. With enticing yet accessible notes, this coffee will surely be a crowd-pleaser. As we like to say, this coffee “will knock your Christmas socks off.”

This coffee was produced by Richard Muthike Kabaru. He is part of the smallholder coffee program that we are supporting through our origin partner Kenyacof.

Myanmar Myay Ni Kone Natural Microlot

CPGP-3725-1: Dark chocolate, grape, orange, stone fruit, tobacco, winey
Score: 86
Why we love it: The members of the Myay Ni Kone Specialty Coffee Group, named for the red earth surrounding their town, are known for their attention to meticulously selecting the red cherries and filtering out any defective beans. This eye for detail will make this delicious coffee the jewel in everyone’s stockings.

Myanmar Shwe Ywar Ngan Honey Microlot

CPGP-3725-2: Almond, brown sugar, butter, caramel, black cherry, blackberry, creamy
Score: 85
Why we love it: Coming from a select number of producers in the villages of  Na Ban Gyi and Taung Khaung Pwar, this coffee was produced completed free of chemical fertilizers.

Future Arrivals:

Peru Floremilda Baca Ramirez – Amazonas Province – Washed Microlot Organic 

CPGP-3784-3: Cupping notes upon arrival; profile coming soon
ETA: Mid- to late- November
Why we love it: A classic washed coffee from one of our favourite coffee origins of the season. Expect lots of stone fruit. Plum pudding, anyone?

Burundi Nemba Natural

CPGP-3695-10: Cupping notes upon arrival
ETA: Mid- to late- November
Why we love it: Agronomists at this washing station provide education and resources to farmers to help them implement the practices best suited to the specific growing conditions of their farming plots. 

Burundi Rama Women’s Association Natural

CPGP-3695-13: Cupping notes upon arrival.
ETA: Early December
Why we love it: Not only is this coffee delicious, but it’s also produced entirely by women! Support women this holiday season by purchasing this coffee from a women’s empowerment cooperative. 

Rwanda Karambi Natural

CPGP-3773-9: Cupping notes upon arrival
ETA: Mid- to late- November
Why we love it: Karambi is one of the stations we keep on returning to year after year. Its smooth and balanced profile with spice notes rather than a strong acidic fruity character makes it a welcomed espresso option during the Winter period.

Rwanda Nyamyumba Honey Processed

CPGP-3773-2: Cupping notes upon arrival; profile coming soon
ETA: Mid- to late- November
Why we love it: A lovely honey lot from yet another exceptional Rwacof washing station. What’s not to love? This washing station in the Western province in Nyahibu district also ranked (twice) in the 2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence selection.

Now that you’ve got your coffees covered with this great list of our favourite Christmastime offerings, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for that elusive recipient.  

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