Hacienda San Alberto nursery


The history of the Farallones estate started in 1974 when the Arboleda Puerta family purchased their first coffee farm in the Antioquia department. Prior to that, they gained plenty of experience in coffee as a local coffee trader. The coffee producing business was still very lucrative back then. With the proceeds of their production and sales, the family managed to purchase other farms in neighbouring towns of Salgar and Betania. The totality of their land covers 567 hectares in three neighbouring coffee villages.

In 2000, the family members united their coffee operations under one umbrella to streamline their growth: Agropecuaria Farallones. Three generations working tirelessly together to produce a fine Colombian estate coffee with the typical fruity cup profile of Antioquia terroir. Leading the company are the father, Jose Argiro Arboleda; the mother Elvia Lucia Puerta; their two children Juan Alvaro and Olga Stella; and three grandchildren with a bright future in coffee.