32cup is a green coffee importer who focusses on supplying regional coffee roasters with unroasted specialty coffee. Our office and coffee warehouse is located in Antwerp, Belgium. 32cup is organized in order to supply as little as 1 bag up to full container loads of the finest quality green coffee.
Our coffees are warehoused in Antwerp, right in the center of Europe, which enables us fast deliveries to your doorstep.
With an extensive know-how on sourcing, quality control, logistics, and risk management, we are currently supplying coffee from more than 15 different countries to more than 500 coffee roasters worldwide.

Added value

One of 32cup’s main focus points is adding value to the green coffee chain. This value can lie on the import side but can also translate into supporting and empowering producers in origin countries. Because 32cup is a small part of a bigger chain (from the tree to the cup), we strive to work transparently and realistically with all parties involved. We share knowledge, effort, and means to make sure the producer gets recognition for his labor.



Next to all the different microlot coffees from single producers, producer groups or estates that we bring to Antwerp, we also offer a large selection of coffees with a more classic profile. A large part of the volume coffees we import is actually certified by one of the many international certification bodies. On our offer list, you will find FairTrade, Organic, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. Next to that, 32cup itself is certified as well: Organic, FairTrade, and ISO9001.