The Product

Coffee is inspiring in so many ways – seeing the beautiful blossoming trees or eating ripe cherries fresh from the tree in origin; that first cupping of a newly arrived coffee in the office; sipping a delightful brew that was perfectly roasted. Coffee has so many faces, there’s no way we could ever get bored of it!

The People

Ideally, the whole coffee chain is  driven by passionate crafts(wo)men. From the producer to the roaster and the barista, but also the less obvious people behind the scene: our bankers, logistics partners, the entire 32cup staff. We go to great lengths to have our passion for coffee stretch out and reach as many people as possible. We want more people to realize what coffee actually is and how much effort goes into it, how many hands touch the cherries and beans before they end in your cup. This understanding eventually leads to better coffee for you, and better prices for the producer. We see that passion and quality often go hand in hand, so we reward and support the producers we work with who make that extra effort so they can keep on doing their great work!