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Curious what to expect from 32cup at World of Coffee in Amsterdam? We’re bringing our A-Game!

Find us at booth #33 in the Roasters Village for cuppings all day every day of the event! Cup through selections of :
– landed coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya
– sneak-peeks of the upcoming microlots from Guatemala and Myanmar
– first samples of the Burundian and Rwandan 2018 harvests

Ethiopian coffee hero talk, Cup of Excellence and Brazil Monte Alegre cuppings

If you thought that was it – there’s more!

On Thursday evening, we are bringing a superstar from Ethiopia to Stooker Roasting Company. The General Manager of Kata Muduga, Asnake Nigat, will join us to talk about his work and some of the upcoming coffees from Ethiopia. If the names Duromina, Nano Challa, Biftu Gudina and Yukro already make you salivate, you will not want to miss having a beer and meeting Asnake.
He has been part of the story of these coffees from the beginning. Asnake was a business advisor with the Technoserve Coffee Initiative. The goal of this development project was simple but audacious: To double the household income of 1 million farmers. A big goal, for sure. But one worth pursuing, and one which Kata Muduga continues to address on a daily basis.
Asnake and 32 Cup’s Managing Director, Cory Bush, will speak about their time working together at Technoserve building these supply chains, along with a vision for the future of Kata Muduga’s member farmers.

We are also hosting cuppings with our partners of Cup of Excellence. Swing by our Booth Thursday and Friday at 12h to taste selections of the CoE winning coffees from Guatemala and Mexico.

Cup of Excellence not your scene? We are also hosting cuppings with partner farm Monte Alegre in Brazil. They will be presenting their coffees and farm on Thursday at 13h30 and Friday at 3pm.

See you at World of Coffee!

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