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To whom it may concern in the specialty coffee world – 32Cup NV proudly announces the foundation of its subsidiary: 32Cup North America INC. 

32cup North America Inc will be headed by Robert Babington Smith as General Manager and William Banks Thomas as Trader and Quality Manager.  The operation will be managed from Fairfax, VA and will report to 32cup in Belgium. 32cup North America will have its own warehouse in New Jersey, with a different stock from the Antwerp warehouse.

In the coming months more functions will be filled in the US office to strengthen the team, and to continue the growth of 32cup as a strong and reliable supplier of specialty green coffee worldwide. Check our job openings page for more details!

For more info:

Web: www.32cup.com

General: coffee@32cup.com

North America: Trade.na@32cup.com

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Contact 32cup North America:

Robert Babington Smith +1 (703) 344-8087


William Banks Thomas +1 (703) 332-9946


Jean Heylen +32 33 693232


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